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The first AUGUST was responsible for the 45rpm record released in 1978 with the original song, On My Mind, written and sung by John Piette. A record was unusual for a band to release at the time which drew attention and went on to receive extensive airplay in the local markets.

Musicians: John Piette/guitar/vocals, Bill Watson/drums, Aaron Murphy/guitar,

Danny Murphy/Bass, and Daryl Breeden/guitar./vocals.


Moving to a new direction, John Piette went to the recording studio as a solo artist and recorded an LP of original songs entitled:  AUGUST, featuring John Piette and Friends. This LP is often referred to as the black album.

The record features: John Piette/guitar, Bill Weisband/vocals, Nick Pizzola/drums,

Mike Smoot/bass and Ray Brand/guitar/slide.

John put together a “Touring” AUGUST to support the release of the LP which became very successful as an “original” rock act touring throughout the Mid-Atlantic circuit on National stages.

Musicians:  John Piette/guitar, Jerry Bozic/drums, Steve Allison/guitar, Howard Brundage/Bass, and Doug Allen/vocals. Jerry Bozic would leave the band and was replaced by drummer Donnie Spence from the band Kix.

AUGUST 1980's

The third AUGUST which became "THE AUGUST" of the 80's saw the concerts grow bigger and became a regular on the National Circuit performing with acts such as Frank Marino and Mahogany Rush, Johnny VanZant, the B52's and Foghat.

This AUGUST was picked as one of the top 5 bands in the WashingtonDC/Baltimore market and their original, "In The Middle Of The Night", was featured on the WAVA rock stations, "Washington Rocks" LP.

Musicians: John Piette/guitar, Bill Weisband/vocals, Howard Brundage/Bass, Scott O'Brien/guitar and Dave Jenkins/drums. Front man Bill Weisband would leave after years of touring and was replaced by Mike McManus/vocals.

AUGUST 2021!!

John Piette established the AUGUST Facebook page in 2009, including pictures and audio from the AUGUST Tours.  Today over 15,000 friends and fans from over 43 countries around the world are viewing the AUGUST Facebook page per week.

The popularity of the AUGUST Facebook page convinced John to reestablish AUGUST to record a new CD of original music. Several AUGUST alumni returned, including original drummer, Jerry Bozic, and guitarist/vocals from the 80's tours, Scott O'Brien. Seasoned musicians Jeff Bowers on lead vocals and Steve Mindak on bass/vocals also joined AUGUST as new members to record the 2015 CD "Street Smart" which had great sales

and is featured on radio broadcasts around the world.  This was followed by their 2017 CD release "After Midnight" which also received brisk sales and airplay!! With Kevin Schmidt replacing Steve Mindak on bass guitar, AUGUST retracked some of their most popular songs from the previous Cd's and Released the CD "Rewind" in 2018!!

The current AUGUST line up consists of John Piette, Jerry Bozic, and Kevin Schmidt.

At the suggestion of music industry members, John Piette has assumed the main

vocal role.


AUGUST is completing their newest CD entitled, "Straight Fire" which features all new originals.  The release has been delayed due to the pandemic but singles have been released on ARFM UK and on the August website, Reverbnation and Facebook pages.


"What comes across from the Straight Fire video - is how good the musicians are. I bet they sound great live.
Good tight sound - excellent lead guitar work and vocals. My compliments on the song, too!"

Targeting markets - USA, Canada, Germany, Scandinavia, East Europe and Japan.

              Dennis Sinnott/EMI UK

"We know John writes great songs, what scares us is missing what he writes next!"


            Aziz Goksel/Atlantic Records

"God knows, August has been trying, to play all original music and do well in the clubs is a feat in itself!"

   Richard Harrington/The Washington Post

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AUGUST 1977 JOHN PIETTE AND AARON MURPHY Fauquier High School Band Battle won by AUGUST.